What we believe
With Young Living Oil Momma, we define beauty not as an end in itself, but as a key to living a healthy, vibrant life. The journey to well-being can (and should) be simple and beautiful, natural and stylish. We bring you the best in do-it-yourself beauty – from natural skin care tips to beauty boosting recipes – to help you glow from the inside out.
This concept of holistic, internal and external beauty is elusive for a lot of women. Our mission is to help those women find their glow. To give them the resources, ideas and motivation to help them live beautifully, become comfortable in their own skin and make self-care a priority in their day.

What we do

The mission for Young Living Oil Momma is to bring you the latest in natural beauty, style and wellness. We give you the ideas, inspiration and tools – the secret weapons we’ve discovered through trial and error – to live a beautiful, healthy life. Whether it’s an easy stretch mark solution or a plan for prepping a month’s worth of green smoothies in an hour, we want to share ideas – easy, attainable ideas – that make you feel the same way you do after a day at the spa: relaxed, inspired, at peace. Glowing.
  • Natural beauty ideas and how-tos
  • Home spa tutorials
  • Fresh, healthy, delicious recipes
  • Simple detox guides
  • Easy green-cleaning tips
  • DIY projects for your home
  • Must-try natural products
  • Giveaways for some of our favorite brands

About Mayra

Young Living Oil momma was founded by Mayra Olson, a wife a mother of three (Jacob is 11, Jackson is 5 and Eli is 1). Mayra started blogging in 2015 to rediscover her sense of self after becoming a mom. It was fun to create things – simple things – to make herself, her life and her home more beautiful.
Despite exhaustion, she has promised not to abandon her love of floral print, long soaks in the tub and bright red lipstick. Among other things, she obsesses over Dita Von Teese, what other people are wearing, the color Red, Photography and always having a good book.

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